2021 BMW R1250GS And R1250GS Adventure First Look

BMW announced updates to the R1250GS and R1250GS Adventure for 2021, making the boxer models compliant with Euro 5 standards, while also marking the 40th anniversary of the GS line. BMW is calling this a “new” GS, but the changes aren’t as dramatic as that sounds. Even calling it “new-ish” would be a slight exaggeration.

You have to look really close to spot what’s new about the GS. Most of the updates are to the available options.

Visually, the new GS looks like the old one, but with new paint options. The R1250GS is available in a  light white solid paint color or triple black. The R1250GS Adventure is also available in triple black as well as an ice grey colorway. The Rallye white, blue and red style variant returns for both models, joined by a new “40 Years GS” black and yellow color.

The anniversary edition livery pays tribute to the BMW R 100GS’ original color scheme.

The engine remains a 1254cc Boxer with ShiftCam technology offering variable valve timing and valve lift on the intake side. The claimed power output also remains at a claimed 134 hp at 7750 rpm and  105 lb-ft. at 6250 rpm. The ShiftCam system helping balance performance, engine smoothness, fuel efficiency and emissions across the rev range.

For 2021, the R1250GS and R1250GS Adventure receive a dynamic traction control as standard (it was previously offered as an ex works option) and a new “Eco” riding mode as standard. Eco mode adjusts the ShiftCam system to maximize fuel economy, softening the throttle curve and moderately reducing torque.

The GS models also receive a new BMW Integral ABS Pro as standard, replacing the previous ABS Pro. As with ABS Pro, the Integral ABS is a linked system, with the hand lever activating both front and rear brakes simultaneously (the brake pedal still only operates the rear brakes). The Integral system uses a new six-axis EMU to better optimize braking performance for both on- and off-road riding. It also uses a more compact ABS unit, with BMW claiming a 1.1-pound reduction in weight.

The six-axis EMU also allowed BMW to further refine the hill start control system, as well as the upgraded HSC Pro option. The HSC Pro uses a new heel angle sensor to determine the gradient of a hill to adjust the holding pressure of the brake system. The dynamic brake control system was also further refined to take advantage of the new EMU, reducing drive torque to improve stability and reduce braking distance.

For 2021, the R1250GS and GS Adventure receive new full LED turn indicators as standard and a new adaptive headlight option. The adaptive light swivels, turning the light beam into a curve to illuminate the cornering line.

U.S. pricing and availability remain to be announced.

January 12, 2021 — Legion Motorcycles
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