LΞGION Motorcycles

Formed by a group of three, LEGION Motorcycles came as the result of a shared mindset amongst friends. As we drafted the outlines of our proposition, we quickly came to realize that our concept would likely adhere well to the Adventure motorcycles niche.

As each of us is the proud owner of a ’20 BMW R1250 GSA, we set out with determination to realize three iterations of what we believed would surmise the distinctive look and feel of ‘LΞGION Motorcycles’. Defined by a resolute black on black finish Sentinel_GSA, Praetorian_GSA & Vanquish_GSA heralded the forthcoming of a Legion.

As we fully embrace the ADV lifestyle we understand that riders have different preferences in terms of customization. LEGION Motorcycles offers performance parts and professional services to fully customize and adept ADV motorcycles based on the rider’s preference. Next-level customization allows for ‘built to spec’ adventure motorcycles to overcome even the most challenging terrain and grants the rider endless options to individualize their ADV motorcycle.

LΞGION Motorcycles offers (on par with industry standards) custom powder-coating and professional spray-painting services with a high level of detailing to deliver only the best results. As we work closely with industry professionals, we are likely to schedule and deliver quicker than most, but never by risking quality and detail. And obviously, if you prefer something other than black, understand that we can provide whatever color combination you have in mind as black is just a preference.

From concept to realization

We believe that ‘what’ we ride, resembles how we perceive the world around us. Our surroundings, or rather said ‘where’ we ride, demands some level of customization depending on riding style and skill level. ADV riders that seek the limitations of their physical capabilities will not tolerate to be held back by their equipment. As to the ‘why’ in this story, personalization of your ADV motorcycle is only part of the concept as we emphasize on the fact that performance parts can greatly enhance riding skill as well as effectively contribute to the safety of the rider. These questions consolidate our concept, as they are the fundamentals of our shared believes.

LΞGION Motorcycles is about building a community of like-minded ADV riders. As we embark on this journey, we expect the community to grow rapidly into a true LEGION. One in which we will share insights, stories and knowledge and above all, amazing adventures among its members.

So we welcome you Legionnaire!