LΞGION Motorcycles offers in-house installation services

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable taking their motorcycle apart, nor that they'll have all the necessary bits and pieces to actually accomplish such a complex job.

For those hesitant to DIY we offer in-house installation services as removing the fairings, crash-bars, tank as well as other parts could seem overwhelming for most.

We at LΞGION Motorcycles have the technical ability and experience to securely take motorcycles apart for next-level customisation together with proficient understanding of the motorcycles electric components (CANbus).

So rest assured, we won't be sending you home with some spare screws and nuts. Your precious motorcycle will be treated by the book and with great care.

Prices for our LΞGION Motorcycles installation services vary from €150 - €450 (incl. 21% BTW) depending on build, make and model. In case you would like to receive a quote regarding your specific preferences be sure to let us know before completing your order.