'Hold nothing back' sounds the creed of the COMMANDERS division. Nothing can attest to a Commander's battleship whereas seeing is believing.

Our signature 'Quad Denali D7 - setup' forms the base of the commander's cruiser, nothing can deflect the beams of light emitted from these four light pods. Where an additional S4/D4 kit slightly swivelled outwards enhances the rider's peripheral vision.


This setup allows for well over 180 degrees of vision with unparalleled clarity for that select few that ride outbound, desolated areas with zero to no ambient light. These 'leader-bikes' are military-spec'd for those who enter barren depopulated zones, crossing widespread borders that few dare to cross.

This is exclusively for those hardened riders that bolster unparalleled dedication and rigorous determination that need to rely on their equipment.

Whereas this is 'all-in', it's a no-compromise setup that only a select few will truly need (...but many want).

The front and rear of your GSA will even make a Ford F150 Raptor look pale in comparison, emitting tremendous amounts of RAW lumens.

Dual CANsmart V2 controllers allow for independent configurations of the light pods and separating left from right circuits in terms of inversing with turn indicators as well as many other features.

'Give them nothing, but take from them everything'


  • BMW R1200 GSA
  • BMW R1250 GSA


  • Quad D7
  • S4/D4 kit
  • Dual B6
  • Dual Cansmart V2 for L/R independent switching
  • Soundbomb compact
  • Legion Motorcycles custom LED backlight emblems


  • Max-out
  • Over the top
  • Better safe, than sorry
  • Only the best
  • Unparalleled
  • Everything