The MAJOR division request even more powerful multi-use accessories as riders seek to overcome more diverse and difficult terrain. True MAJOR riders are ADV riders that demand effective parts and accessories. No bulk - no bullshit.

Bound-only by their sheer dedication to traverse the route less traveled, they need their bikes equipped with multi-use parts that allow them to be adjusted depending on ever-changing conditions.


Whether it be open terrain or woodlands, an S4/D4 kit paired with DR's will greatly enhance the rider's vision. This combo sports both flood- and spotlight beam patterns for an ultra-wide, clear view of your surroundings. For longer distance spotlight replace the D2 kit with DR1's, or swap out the Tri-optic lenses of the D4 kit to obtain even more flexibility from the D4's.

If you prefer to stick to one design, consider a 'Quad D4' setup with switchable Tri-optic lenses to customize your desired beam pattern on the fly.

Each D4 packs four 10W High-Cree LEDs for unrivaled brightness. When only the best is enough, or as a true Spartan would say "Then we shall fight in the shade..."

A rear B6 will light up your rear-end like tracers from a rifle, making sure your ass stays out of the line of fire, avoiding rear-end collisions at the same time.

All auxiliary lights are fully customizable through the use and functionality of the CANsmart V2.


  • BMW F850 GSA
  • BMW R1200 GS
  • BMW R1200 GSA
  • BMW R1250 GSA
  • Yamaha Africa Twin
  • KTM 790 ADV R (Rally)
  • Tiger 900 Rally Pro


  • Single S4/D4 Kit in combo with OEM foglights (replaced) or,
  • dual S4/D4, or DR1/D2 to replace the OEM foglights
  • B6
  • Cansmart V2
  • Soundbomb compact
  • Legion Motorcycles custom LED backlight emblems


  • Dual Cansmart V2 for left/right independent switching
  • Additional DM/D2 light kit


  • Multi-use
  • Effective
  • Strength in numbers