Riders within the Spec-Ops division require unparalleled, specialised option parts and equipment to vanquish even the most treacherous obstacles and terrain.

For these marauders to remain unrivalled, we kit out their bikes with our distinctive 'Quad Denali D7 - signature setup'. These puppies dimmed to 20% are already enough to obscure someone's vision, making them see spots for days. So take note, that these aren't suited for everyone.



Each D7 packs seven 10W High-Cree LEDs for an insane amount of RAW lumens. A single D7 provides over 7.500 RAW lumens, so combining four unleashes unprecedented clarity and a day-like riding experience boasting well over 30.000 RAW lumens!!

The Denali D7 light pod is truly 'something else'. While basically positioned as a spotlight, it boasts a beam pattern so powerful, it easily overpowers the floodlight dispersion of a D4, while retaining it's >500 meter spot vision.

ADV riders that seek the limitations of the physical capabilities will not tolerate being held back by their equipment. Rig out your bike with an array of D7's and you'll find yourself longing for 'winter solstice' all year round.

Single or dual B6 brake lights with 'California legal' pulse illumination offer trailing that leaves Hansel & Gretel rally for their breadcrumbs.

Powered by the multifunction CANsmart V2 controller it enables the rider to set up independent dimming options as well as inverse and strobe functionality.


  • BMW R1200 GSA
  • BMW R1250 GSA
  • KTM 790ADV R (Rally)
  • KTM 1290 Super ADV R


  • Quad D7 kit
  • B6
  • Cansmart V2
  • Soundbomb compact
  • Legion Motorcycles custom LED backlight emblems


  • Dual Cansmart V2 for left/right independent switching
  • Dual B6
  • Additional DM/D2/D4 light kit


  • Specialized
  • Effective
  • Powerful
  • Mill-spec
  • Bad-ass